Affecting change for the better through socially responsible impact investment and ESG advisory services

Our Focus

As Investors

Our rationale for deploying capital is based on advocating for initiatives that address business risks, challenges and opportunities through the lens of Shared Value across all stakeholders. How an organization optimizes Shared Value determines the extent to which its strategies contribute to competitiveness, risk management, employee engagement and resilience. These drive long-term return on investment.

Share Value is constructed by and supported on the three pillars of Environment, Social and Governance – ESG

As Advisors

We develop comprehensive plans to optimize Shared Value across Environmental, Social and Governance facets of our clients’ core business plan. These include ESG specific strategic planning and analysis, organizational positioning, performance goals and metrics, operational initiatives, and implementation plans.

Effective ESG shared Value strategies incorporate aspirational objectives, clear performance targets and rigorous analysis of ongoing results, trends and course corrections

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